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New Mexico State University

Demonstration Garden - Perennial Mound
Area Lead: Nancy Nunnelly and Bev Cooper
Description: The Perennial Mound was planted in 2004. Since then it has been plagued by gophers and by dry winters with no means of irrigation. The plants that have survived have proven to be extremely hardy. It is an example of transition zone plants which require moderate amounts of water.
Plant List:
Perennial_Agastache_BlueBoa.jpgAgastache "Blue Boa" Blue Boa Hummingbird mint 
AlceaHollyhockPlant856.jpgAlcea rosea "Mars Red" Hollyhock 
PowisCastleArtemisia783.jpgArtemisia x "Powis Castle" Powis Castle Artemisia 
402_08-12_9715.jpgCaryopteris X clandonensis Blue Mist Spirea 
CentranthusJupitersBeard702withSwallowtail9057.jpgCentranthus ruber Jupiter 
Perennial_Clematis_ErnestMarkham.jpgClematis "Ernest Markham" Clematis "Ernest Markham" 
ClematisJackmanii843.jpgClematis "jackmanii" Clematis Jackmanii 
Coming SoonClematis ligusticifolia Clematis, Western Virgins Bower 
Oasis_Coreopsis.jpgCoreopsis lanceolata Lanceleaf Coreopsis 
Coreopsis_verticillata_id42.jpgCoreopsis verticillata "Moonbeam" Threadleaf Coreopsis, "Moonbeam" 
Coming SoonEuphorbia "Blue Lagoon" Euphorbia 
Blue_fescue_grass_200706.jpgFestuca glauca Blue Fescue 
GeraniumJohnsonBlue739.jpgGeranium "Johnson Blue" Geranium "Johnson Blue" 
blue_aven_grass_200706.jpgHelictotrichon sempervirens Blue Avena Grass 
Hemerocallus_eenie_weenie_id76.jpgHemerocallis "Stella D_Oro" Daylily, Stella D_Oro 
Candytuft742.jpgIberis Candytuft 
purple_bearded_iris.jpgIris blue fragrant bearded Blue Iris 
Koelreuteria paniculataGRT102fall.jpgKoelreuteria paniculata Golden Rain Tree 
Coming SoonLavendula angustifolia "Munstead" Lavender 
Oasis_Lily.jpgLilium asiatic Asiatic lily 
MuhlyGrass-564-5428.jpgMuhlenbergia lindheimeri Muhly grass 
DaffodilBlooms2129.jpgNarcissus Daffodil 
NepetaPlantCatmint830.jpgNepeta x faassenii Catmint 
Oasis_Peony_Kansas.jpgPaeonia lactiflora Peony, Kansas 
papver790.jpgPapaver orientale Oriental Poppy 
PenstemonStrictusRockyMountainBloom715.jpgPenstemon strictus Rocky Mountain Penstemon 
BlueQueenSalvia797-SalviaOfficialnalisPurpea.jpgSalvia superba "Blue Queen" Blue Queen Salvia 
SoapwortCloseup823.jpgSaponaria Soapwort 
Coming SoonScabiosa caucasica Pincushion Flower Blue 
Oasis_ScabiosaCucasicaAlba_1.jpgScabiosa caucasica "Alba" Pincushion Flower, White 
Coming SoonScabiosa columbaria "Pink Mist" Pincushion Plant Pink 
Coming SoonSedum album White stonecrop sedum 
sedumKam849.jpgSedum kamtschaticum Kamschatka stonecrop 
Coming SoonSedum pachyclados Sedum 
813_11-26_1913.jpgSedum sp Stonecrop Rosy Glow 
AutumnJoySedumblooms799.jpgSedum telephium Autumn Joy Sedum 
Solidago_rugosa_id172.jpgSolidago rugosa Goldenrod 
GoldflameSpirea313.jpgSpirea x bumalda "Goldflame" Goldflame Spirea 
NewYorkAsterFullBlooom809.jpgSymphyotrichum novi-belgii New York Aster 
TanacetumFlowers803.jpgTanacetum niveum Tansy, Snow Daisy 
909_veronica_flower.jpgVeronica pectinata Speedwell, blue woolly 
BlueGold_Veronica_GoodnessGrows.jpgVeronica spicata "Goodness Grows" Spike Speedwell "Goodness Grows"